Indcap Community

Indcap team members have always been active participants in social activities individually. Any personal achievement or occasion is always celebrated with the less fortunate section of society. In the past we have helped slum children with school stationery every year since 2007 and arrangement of marriage ceremony of one Girl each year since 2003. Our team members pay visits to local orphanages, oldage homes and School for special children and spend time periodically.

These small gestures have given us lot of Joy and happiness and a sense of achievement which remains etched in our hearts forever. Indcap believes that each of us is capable to bring the positive change we wish to see near us and this belief has brought us together to form our community formally in the year 2011. We believe together we can achieve better result and the joy will be multifold.

Indcap is run by team of professionals with different socio economic background, however one thing binds them together and that is the light of education within all of us. Whatever we all have achieved today is all because of the education our parents provided us. We believe, education is the force behind any positive growth.

With this belief Indcap has initiated the empowerment of underpriviledged children with “KaagazKalam”. KaagazKalam is an initiative by Indcap to bring the light of education, the joy of owning that first book. There are many children without access to basic tools of education- kaagaz aur kalam. We aim to assist them in getting access to such necessity in their journey towards a better life.


We are willing to associate with retailers/libraries/schools/NGOs/ orphanage to act as collection centre for the education materials.

We have also supported the victims of natural calamity with cash donation from time to time.

At present we plan to support skill india movement and are in the process of setting up a centre for training of under privileged students for entry level jobs in corporates.

Cash/Cheque Donations will be welcome to support our efforts for a better future of the less privileged section.


We are also open to valuable feedback and suggestions and would appreciate if you can write to us at indcap@indcap.in